If you want to take certification in Google ads and want to know before doing the course then learn all about it from here.

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Google ads

Google Ads is an advertising platform where business persons can advertise their products and services across Google and its web properties.

Google ads follow the PPC pay-per-click model of digital marketing. In this model of internet marketing, in which advertisers pay a fee each time when one of their ads is clicked.

Google ads certification

Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation given to those individuals who have gained skills in basic and advanced aspects of Google ads. There are six types of Google Ads certification: –

  1. Google Ads Video
  2. Google Ads Search
  3. Google Ads Display
  4. Google Ads Apps
  5. Google Ads Measurements
  6. Google Ads Shopping

Google Ads certification is available in 22 languages. Chinese, traditional Chinese, Dutch, French, Spanish, polish Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Slovak, Thais, Spanish (Latin America), Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German, English (UK), English (US), Italian, Korean and Czech.

The benefit of Google Ads certification is that you can show that you are a certified online advertising professional with a personalized certificate. This certificate will help your company to be a part of the Google Partner Program.

Some companies choose Google-certified experts to help them manage their campaigns.

Google certified experts are the people who plan, set up, and manages campaign in Google Ads. They help people to advertise their businesses. They help with ads, websites, landing pages, email campaigns, and more. They have skills in particular areas of expertise like managing search, display, video, and other types of campaigns in Google Ads.

How to become a Google-certified expert?

If you want to become a Google-certified expert, then there is a lot you need to learn.

Here are the steps you can follow: –

You have to understand how Google Ads works. You can learn the course from professional Institutions and get trained in Google Ads course.

You have to set up a Skill shop account, here you will get access to Google Ads certification assessment and related learning paths that you can use to study for assessments.

To get Google Ads certification, you have to clear the assessment with a score of 80% or greater on the certification assessment.

After passing the assessment, you will get a personalized certificate as well as Google Partners Public profile page that lists your certification.

 If you don’t pass the exams, you can retake them 1 day later.

After getting your Google Ads certification, you can apply for an entry-level job, freelance, or volunteer for a community organization.

Google Ads certifications are valid for 1 year. But you can again take and pass the certification assessment to renew your certification.

Google specialists can find work in agencies, become in-house specialists and work as a freelancer. They can work with the companies, helping them in campaigns.

What do Google specialists do?

They perform various tasks: –

  • They check the current performance of Google Ads. They check several metrics of ads like impressions, clicks, conversion rates, conversion, cost, etc.
  • Their work is to review Google Ads targeting like location and device targeting for campaigns along with demographics, in-market, and re-marketing audience.
  • They monitor campaigns and share the performance reports weekly or monthly.
  • They provide recommendations about campaigns to improve landing pages and website performance.
  • Their work is to optimize the existing campaigns to get the best results by adding negative keywords adjusting targeting, modifying bids, and launching new campaigns when new keywords align with advertising objectives.

 If you want to become Google certified specialist, then you can do a Google ads certification course from various institutions in Delhi NCR. Digitechmate offers you the best training in the Google Ads certification course in Delhi NCR.

Some FAQs regarding Google Ads certification

  1.  What happens if we fail in the Google Ads certification assessment?

You have to have it for one day, after attempting the exam. You can retake it the next day.

  • Who are Google partners?

Google works with various organizations and businesses; they are called Google partners. When a company becomes experts in Google Ads, they can work with Google as a team.

  •  What does a Google partner do?

Google partners will help you to produce the best campaigns. They have experience in Google Ads and have highly trained staff to work with Google Ads.

  • How to become a Google partner?

To become a Google partner, you must deliver strong revenue and growth of Google ads. You must meet a higher ad spend across your managed accounts and have more than two users in your company who are certified in Google Ads.

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