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why we use python development

If you are confused about the best programming language among all the programming languages and are interested in becoming a developer, then the top leading programming language is python. It is widely used by the machine learning developers and data scientists. The language will open numerous career options for you when you will become proficient with it. The demands for python developers will continue to grow as it is extensively used in data science, machine learning and AI. python has more free English languages syntax and few keywords

What is Python?

Python is a free, open-source programming language used to build websites, software, automated tasks, and conduct data analysis. It was created by Guido Van Rossum. It is one of the best and easiest programming languages for beginners. It is a general-purpose language That is not specific to a particular program and is used to create different variety of programs. It is the most popular programming language used by both coding and data science communities. As it can run on all operating systems, so it can be used to develop a host of programs, including web apps, game apps, ML apps, Image processing, text processing, etc.     

Why is Python the best language for learning?

  • Python is easy to learn easy to use and implemented easily. It is the easiest programming language for the beginners to learn.
  • The syntax rules of python allow us to express concepts without writing additional code. It emphasizes code readability and allows the user to use English keywords instead of punctuations.
  • The programming paradigms and language features of python help in developing large and complex software applications.
  • Python is supported by many operating systems. It is an interpreted programming language. It allows the user to run the same code on multiple platforms without recompilation.
  • Python library allows choosing a wide range of modules according to the needs.
  • Data analysis features of python can be used to create big data solutions without putting extra time and effort.

Benefits of learning python

  1. Python is a versatile and concise language and is supported by a wide community of programmers.
  2. If you want to learn any coding language then Python is the best one. It is simply structured and easy to learn.
  3. By using Python, beautiful graphics for games can be created and new images can be generated.
  4. It has a vast collection of frameworks that can help developers to develop web applications easily.
  5. It is a convenient language and is used for writing scripts and mobile device testing.
  6. It is ideal for prototypes and provides more functions with less coding.
  7. It supports a vast range of libraries like NumPy, Panda, etc.

Difference between Python and JavaScript

  • JavaScript works better in the Front-end part while Python works better in the Back-end and server-side of development.
  • JavaScript runs faster than Python, but it produces less time to code Python.
  • Python is better for data analysis, machine learning, and AI and is easier than JavaScript.
  • JavaScript is a high-level scripting language introduced by Netscape to run on client-side web browsers.

What are the scopes after learning Python?

Python growth is promising in the future. Today technical industries and government institutions are looking for skilled Python developers for their companies. Digitechmate provide best python developer training in Delhi NCR. Top companies are dependent on languages like Python and Java and will remain dependent in the future too. Python has become the core language that is widely used in the field of research, production, and development.

There are several job opportunities for both fresher and experienced. As a fresher, you can earn up to 5 LPA and an experienced one can earn up to 12 LPA.

Many organizations and companies like NASA, IBM, Google, Yahoo, and many others are dependent on this language for various purposes. If you are seeking a job in this field, then you can either choose to become a Python developer, a software engineer, a data analyst, software developer. If you have excellency in this language, then can land a better position and earns a better salary than any other software engineer.

Python developer is a developer who can design, code, deploy and debug the development projects. To become a Python developer, you should know the Python web framework and event-driven programming in Python. You can learn it after completing your 10+2 from any stream. College students, job seekers, business professionals, and housewives too can do this course, but you have a passion for learning it.

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