Terms & Conditions

- By DigiTechMate

By enrolling in a course provided by Digitechmate, you agree to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions (these “Terms and conditions of enrolment”).

A reference in these Terms and conditions to “we”, “us” or “our” is a reference to Digitechmate.

If you require any assistance or clarification with any of the below, you are welcome to contact.

1. Your Declaration

1.1 By enrolling in a course with us, you:

1 . Confirm that you have access to a suitable workplace if necessary to fulfil course requirements; to a computer with an internet connection and Microsoft Office software or similar; the ability to view YouTube; and any additional hardware, software or equipment as specified on our website for the course in which you are enrolling (your “Course”).

2. Confirm that you’ve read and understood all the information in this document, the relevant policies links, and our Code of ethics, and that you agree to act in accordance with them.

3. Accept that it’s your responsibility to ensure that the personal information you provide to us is kept current. Any changes to your name, address, email address, phone numbers, payment options or banking details should be sent to us as soon as practicable with any relevant documentation.

4. Agree to retain a current email address by which you can be contacted for the duration of your course, and through which we may communicate formally with you via email and through the learning environment.

5. Confirm that you understand the challenges in accessing a suitable workplace, particularly for assessment tasks for students that are not of working age.

2. Payment terms

2.1 By enrolling in a course with us, you:

1. Confirm that you’ve read and understood the fees associated with your Course and agree to pay your requisite fees

2. No payment will be refunded and will not be adjusted in any other course.

2.2 If you fail to pay any part of the Course fee by the due date, we reserve the right to:

1. Restrict access to our institute/ classrooms/ online learning environment

2. Withhold marking of assessments and issuance of qualifications or statements of attainment for partial completion;

3. Notify relevant credit agencies of your default.

2.3 If you’re paying your Course fee by instalments, you:

1. Restrict access to our institute/ classrooms/ online learning environment Must use a valid Debit/ Credit card or bank account or UPI;

2. Must agree to a Direct Debit Request Service Agreement;

3. Must pay all such instalments on or before the due dates; and will be liable to pay late fine if fee paid after due date.

4. Remain liable for unpaid instalments event if you finish your course early;

5. Will not be entitled to be issued with a qualification until you have paid your course fee in full;

6. Will not be entitled to be issued with a statement of attainment for a module until you have paid all fees in respect of that module.

2.4. You acknowledge that the Course Fee doesn’t include:

1 . Any hardware, software, printed materials (fees may apply if these are required) or equipment for your course, as listed as requirements on our website;

4 . Changing course

4.1. You are not allowed to change your course without a proper application letter. Course change request can only be accepted for upgrade, no downgrade request will be accepted, course can be changed where fee structure is appreciated.